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Shower Enclosures

We custom build framed and frameless shower enclosures

Achieve the exact look you want from your shower, by purchasing a custom built shower enclosure from GreenHill Products. We take on-site measurements for you, then we'll your available options. Once you've decided on a look you love, we then create the perfect custom shower enclosure for each bath. "The shower industry has caught on to this desire for luxury and created 'super showers,' so you can get the luxury whirlpool experience without having to wait 20 minutes for the tub to fill. When people want to upgrade their bathrooms and don't have [extra] space, more and more we're seeing them give up the tub for the super shower."


Framed Shower Doors, Framed Enclosures

Shower doors, tub and shower sliding doors, shower and tub enclosures are also available in the classic and value priced “framed” style. Framed shower doors are the smart choice for many bath remodeling projects. Available in a wide range of finishes and colors, framed shower doors offer many updated design options in addition to being economical. A bathroom’s layout and size, the surrounding walls, and other structural nuisances are considered when determining the best shower door configuration. Generally, framed shower doors are supported on all sides and can be fabricated for any space. Usually, personal preference and the size of the bathroom determine if you install the doors as sliders (the door slides to allow entrance), or a pivoting door (the door swings out). 




 Semi-frameless Doors Elevate the Look of Your Bathroom

 Today’s semi-frameless shower door styles are very dynamic. From classic to Gridscape, semi frameless shower enclosures and doors add upscale flair to any bathroom. Semi-frameless sliders dramatically elevate a tub’s appearance. Unlike framed showers where all sides and doors are framed, a semi-frameless shower is framed on the top and sides only, the doors and glass corner angles are not framed – hence the term “semi-frameless”. In comparison, a frameless shower has minimal or no framing along the top, glass corner angles or doors. Available in many finishes, colors and glass styles, semi-frameless shower doors can be designed to suit a wide variety of budgets. 

Make a custom shower enclosure the centerpiece of your bathroom


The Best Frameless Shower Glass Configuration

A bathroom’s layout, supporting walls and other structural nuisances are all considered when determining the most functional and beautiful frameless shower configuration. Personal preference and available space also help determine the shower enclosure’s shape and size. If you are concerned that you have an unusual shower or tub configuration – don’t be –GreenHill Products can design and fabricate a custom frameless shower door or enclosure for any space. GET A FREE QUICK QUOTE.

We Increase Homeowner Satisfaction

 My ultimate goal is to provide you with the tools as a homeowner to choose the very best for your bathroom remodel or repair. I can assure you that no one or any other company will build your shower with higher quality products and craftsmanship. Whether you hire me or one of my competitors you should receive a quality finished product. I have been in the  industry for over 25 years and still have a passion for what I do. We have been building long lasting beautiful shower enclosures in Myrtle Beach & surrounding cities for many, many years. I do not remodel kitchens, bedrooms, build decks, power wash homes, or any other “handyman” services. I can’t tell you how many bathrooms I have looked at where a contractor went beyond his specialty and remodeled a bathroom. It was not a pleasurable experience for the homeowner or the contractor. Invest your money wisely and make sure you choose someone that knows how to build a bathroom shower enclosure properly. It doesn’t matter if it’s a half bath or a full master bath, we have the experience, passion, and knowledge to complete your project without disruption to your everyday routine. We are a family owned and operated company and customer service is our priority.  Contact Us today so we can simplify storage and organization for you and you home.



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